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I wanted my novel series to be something different than the usual vampire books that are out today. After reading a zillion of them, they all seemed to follow the same theme…girl meets vampire, falls in love, problem starts up between them, happy ending.  I got bored. I tried to read Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned, but I couldn’t get past the first page.  I find her writing to that of Jane Erye, something that has to be read slowly. Although, I do possess a hard copy of The Interview with a Vampire, to which she signed, I haven’t read that one either, though I have seen the movie…it was ok. Didn’t like the ending.

Anyway, my book does have the male vampire/female human attraction, but its more on the lines that he is profoundly attracted to her, in that, her energy is what giving him the impulses of attraction. She, on the other hand, finds him annoyingly odd, maybe somewhat attracted but doesn’t know why, but mostly…he’s a pain in the ass.

Both my main characters are strong willed, both knocking heads, as it were, yet…the connection between intensifies with each meeting.

No, my vampire doesn’t shimmer in the sunlight, mine is pure vampire, scary at times, other times, wickedly seductive, and he usually gets what he wants, even if she is telling him to go take a hike…which hiking does come into play in my story.

I’ve done research, loads, and decided to use the human servant route in my story. It’s intriguing, brings mystery, as well as, symbolism into it, which I love immensely, whether it be in writing or in paintings, especially Renaissance as in Van Ike. His painting  Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife is chalk full of symbolism, but I could go on and on about Renaissance paintings, love art history.

Here is what I researched into human servants:

There are those humans who have taken to lives with vampires. These humans become the daytime eyes, ears, hands and voices of the master vampire that they serve. To become a human servant four marks must be given to a human by a master vampire. Master vampires are the only ones who have this ability and they can only have one human bound to them at a time. As a result of becoming a human servant, humans gain more power, strength and have a longer life. Human servants are harder to hurt and they heal easier than they previously did. Becoming a servant allows the human to be immune to the voice, mind and glance of the vampire that marked them.
How the marks are given and the result from each mark is explained below. Marking a human is usually a voluntary process but they can be given completely against the human’s will. Until a master vampire gives a human all four marks, any other master vampire may mark the same human.

Interested yet? If so, buy my book Birthright and The Legacy and tell me what you think.

Typically, from what I know of writer’s, is that they have a special place to write. It is somewhere quiet, sometimes secluded and the world around them can be blowing up, but you are so tuned into what your story is becoming, you don’t even notice. Not me.

I don’t have time to sit at home and write. Yes, I do have a room, but as of late, I have become over burdened with Art & Craft shows. My husband is a skilled scroll saw craftsman, and makes wooden bowls, and I sell my novels. So, we had a show last weekend, this past weekend, we have one this weekend and the following next two weekends. I also have to illustrate a children’s book and finish writing my third and final book. All this, and my husband fell down the stairs and has internal bruising, and now fluid in his lungs.

So, to try to get my book written, I take my Nook, which I downloaded a writing software. So, I take it to work, and when the classroom, I am a Special Ed. Paraprofessional, start reading for their 40 book reading goal, I type. At lunch time, I type. Anytime I have a free moment to type, that’s what I do. So, I’m already on chapter 4, and I have to say, it’s coming along nicely! Who’d of thought huh?

I’ve tried writing it the traditional way, in front of my computer, music on and door shut, but it has failed me 4 times already. I was ready to quit altogether and not write it, but so many of my fans who loved the first two books, are looking forward to the third, so I can’t let them down.

So, for all you newbie writer’s, write where you can, because I’ve found that the best place for me to write, for now is…at work.

Happy writing!

Third Book of Kane

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I am constantly writing my third and final book, Kane. It’s been a very slow, and painful process, but I’d rather it be so, then to have a zillion mistakes in it.

What makes me post today is that from all the art & craft shows I’ve done so far, I’ve been telling people, those who buy my Birthright Series, that Kane is due out the end of this year, hopefully sooner, but I have another great idea.  If you have read books 1 and 2, and are waiting for book 3 to be done, give me your email addresses, and I’ll send out personalized emails stating where you can purchase when it does come out. I’ll also keep you informed of other books that I have written and where to purchase them.

So, those of you who are a fan of my Trilogy, give me your addresses!

While at Burgoo Fest, a very nice lady said she was going to start following me and read my books. I thought, “How awesome is that?” So, I told her of my Anthology book of 13 short horror stories, Tortured Minds and that they weren’t all that gory, or scary, in fact, some were funny, but with a surprise ending you weren’t expecting. All of the stories lead you to think one way, but by the time the end comes, you don’t know what hit you.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Angelic Knight Press is selling their publishing company to someone else and so, Tortured Minds will not be available, unless I self publish it myself or someone else. So, I’m trying to figure out, who I should go with or if I should just do it myself.

It’s a great book, great stories, and I’m not just saying that because I wrote them either. So, if I have fans, who read my posts here on my author blog, to please give me your opinion on the matter. Would love to hear from you.

Burgoo Fest at Utica 2014

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This is an awesome event, and also my second time participating in it as well.  The first time I had registered to be a vendor was last year. My husband was selling his wooden scroll saw bowls and I my books and photography. I wasn’t sure if I’d sell anything…I usually go into these things optimistically, because I have found when I think I’ll do well, I don’t.

Anyway, my novel, Birthright takes place in Utica and my first book signing was at Duffy’s Tavern, so I was hoping I’d sell some books. Well, let me tell you, even before we were finished setting up, I had people wanting to buy my book!

Now, this event was to go on until 5pm, I sold out at 2pm! I had brought 35 books, and I had 2 books that had the old cover design on them, which I wasn’t planning on selling, but had to, because people were still coming to buy! It was uncanny, blew my mind away! I was so excited. I even had a lady walk past our tent shouting that she had read the book and said it was great!

This time out I had brought a boat load of books, still thinking I might sell some, but not all, and I was right. I did sell another 35 books, but this time, I had the sequel and fans who bought the first book came looking for me and bought the second, raving how good the first one was and asking if the there will be a third one.

There is a third one, Kane, and I have to tell you, it has proven to be quite difficult! You’d think writing the first one harder than the last, but it was actually my easiest, and the second even easier! But with this last one the difficulty is that the story is being told through Kane’s eyes. I have to think like a guy, so maybe that’s the reason…nah! My muse, the little voice inside me that helps me write my stories, is either on an extended vacation or is tired of working, I don’t know, but I’m getting desperate.

I have to say, I’ll be coming  back to Burgoo Fest next year, and I will have the third book with me. A huge thank you to those of you who bought my books and loved them. I don’t expect a movie to come out of this, nor do I expect to be rich, but the only thing I do want out of this is the fact that I can make someone enjoy what they read. To me, that is my reward.

So, again, thank you and I hope that my second book, The Legacy, proves to be even more thrilling than the first. If it was, leave me a comment or send me word! I’d love to hear what you think! Truly!

See you all next year!

KaneI have started writing the third and final book of my Birthright series, Kane.  It is about how Kane came to be in his short life as human.  His journey that brought him to Utica, in his need to find himself, start a new life and perhaps . . . marriage, but if any of you know, those of you who have read my first two books, knows what happens to him.

I’ve re-written chapter 1 three times now.  My muse has finally came back from vacation, for I have written what I am to believe something quite thrilling so far.  As in my other books, where cliff hangers were at the end of every chapter, so too are they in Kane.

I’m thinking this one won’t be as long as the others, but who knows, it could be longer!  Either way, fans, I am writing the last book.  The sound of that sounds so depressing, “the last book”.  I’m trying to figure out what my next book would be about, not sure yet, I do want it to be fantasy.  I had started a book many years ago, and never finished it, so maybe this would be my next adventure. It’s about three girls whose birthdays fall on the same day, but long before their births a book was written, about them, about the trials their town and of others who they must save.  Each one having been born with a power, but on their 16th birthday are given a ring that enhances that power.  Sort of a modern day Lord of the Rings type story.  Takes place in Ireland.  What do you think?

I’ll keep you posted!  Keep dropping by!

FREE EBOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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