Book Trailer of all my books!

Being a writer has been not only wonderful, but it has its challenges as well. Writing is not the only thing an author does. We promote our books, get it out to the masses on a daily basis. So, I think of ways to promote my books as eye catching as possible to get you, the reader, to notice them and like them enough to want to purchase them.

Doing my book trailer is just one of the ways I promote myself and I hope it’s that by watching it, something stirs inside you. Maybe enough so, that you want to know more about the books.

Enjoy as you watch this short, but compelling book trailer.

NIGHT GAMES new cover!

In the inner depths of the soul, darkness, a pain so excruciating it grips your gut and twists it into knots. Wanting to end your life, but your life has already . . . ended.
This is the life of Jonathan Hawker, a vampire who, for as long as he can remember, was top notch at what he does best: killing. 
It wasn’t until he met Vanessa Cleary, who holds a secret, that he started to rethink his existence.
The two share a restricted love . . . a love that shouldn’t be. But can that love survive?

Another 5 Star Review!


Jennifer Shepard

Oct 20, 2020Jennifer Shepard: it was amazing. This is the first book I read from this author and let me tell you that I loved it! Such a good book with great characters that keeps you obsessed with every page since the first one. The ending of this book.. come on! I just didn´t expect it! Can´t wait for read other book from this great writer! Amazing job! definitely a must read!. 5/5 A fantastic story that has it all!