New Version of Birthright is Out!

This has always been my dream, to be published by a publishing company. Last month I was contracted with Next Chapter Publishing and today, my book, Birthright, a new and improved version has been released on Amazon! Check it out, buy the new version to add to your book collection. The cover is amazing!

Night Games Novel FREE!

Just in time for halloween, my novel, Night Games, ebook, is free for the next three days!

Synopsis: In darkness, in the inner depths of one’s soul, a pain so excruciating, so unavoidable, grips your gut and twists it into knots. You want to end your life, but your life is already…ended. This is the life of Jonathan Hawker, a vampire. Who, for as long as he can remember was top notch at what he does best…kill. It wasn’t until he met Vanessa Cleary, who holds a secret. It’s a restricted love they share. A love that shouldn’t be. A love that will die.

Burgoo Fest 2019

This is my 6th year of being a vendor at this great event. I go, because the storyline of my Trilogy starts at Utica, so I have a big fan base there. Every year I write a new book for them, because they are always asking if I have a new book for them.

Now, I always do well at this event. I usually sell between 35 to 40 books. This year, however, I doubled that and sold 63. My latest book, Elspeth, which is about a young girl of 12, who at a naming ceremony for her mother’s coven, learns she is a witch and begins to learn her craft. It takes place in 1700 Scotland. I bought 40 books for this event and Witches Night out and I have 13 books left. That’s it. Incredible. That’s all I can say.

Saturday, the day before Burgoo Fest, I had a vendor table for my books, and then, this lady, Maggie Frost, who does a radio show for MCMY 1430AM asked if I would do a talk show with her in regards to my books. So, I said yes, and that I’d be honored. I’m just thrilled at what all has happened to me this weekend.

To end, I’d like to say thank you to all my fans who yearly buy my books. I would not be where I am today without you. You are what keeps me motivated and I’m loving the whole process of being an author. So, thank you.

Elspeth: An excerpt from my upcoming novel.

To give you all a flavor of how I am writing this, let me add “me own wee bit of magick. Aye?”

Elspeth is Elizabeth in Scottish, which is where my story takes place. Elspeth has just learned she is a witch and her mother is teaching her the ways of becoming one.

It takes place in Scotland, as if ye didna ken that? (Ken: know and didna: did not) I wanted to add to the magick of the story by writing they way they spoke. It’s been a challenge, but a fun at that.

Here is the excerpt:

The veil between us runs thick, but our connection is strong. I made it so. Ye see, I am gone from her. In a realm where peace transcends.
I’m afraid though . . .
She was born on the ninth month, of the ninth day and after nine years of our separation, her craft will meet completion.
Ye see, my Elspeth’s thirst for knowledge will break habit and convention. Her path will be wrought with passions; she’s oversensitive, emotional and sometimes unpredictable. If she should find a mate, he would need to understand and trust her. Perfect detachment will be hard for her, for she loves to be needed. Wants to be needed.
This I fear, will be her undoing.

Career Day at JTHS

I was given the opportunity to speak with our Freshman class on Career Day. I, being an author, talked about what it takes to become a writer and how to get yourself published.

I have to say, even though I had done this before at another school in LaSalle County, I was nervous! I don’t even know why? I kept telling myself, “Sue, this is crazy! You’ve done this before, you work with students all day and HAVE worked with students for over 14+ years. It’s not a big deal. Even my husband said I’d be fine.  Know what? I was fine!

The students were engaging, especially the last group when I happened to mention the book, The Hate U Give. Oh, my gosh, you think the heavens opened up! I had hit a nerve. I loved it! I’m like, “Yes!” inside.

I gave out two of my business cards so that they could see what a business card looks like for an author and soon, eveyone wanted one. So, I am hoping some get in contact with me about writing, because that would be awesome! I want to help as many students become great writers.

I will post on here websites that I deem worthy and helpful to those who are really into writing. So, look for that post.

I plan on talking again next year. Great bunch of kids.

“Live and write your dreams!”

Promotion By My Good Friend

On May 7th I will be promoted on my friends website, Mary Deal. Not only is she a great friend, but an author of many great books, all of which I highly recommend you read. She also is a great artist and photographer. Her paintings remind me of Georgia O’ Keeffe. You can find her work on Fine Art America.

Mary Deal was an Associate and Contributing Editor of the print magazine, Mississippi Crow, and newspaper columnist for Kauai, Hawaii’s local newspaper, The Garden Island. She was Founder and past President of Kauai Writer’s Roundtable. She has become a multi-genre author in both fiction and nonfiction. She writes the stories in whatever genre her Muse presents. Her books and other writings have won numerous awards.

She is the author of six suspense novels: “The Tropics,” an adventure/suspense trilogy, “The Ka,” a paranormal Egyptian suspense, “River Bones, A Sara Mason Mystery Book One.,” set in her childhood hometown area. “Down to the Needle,” a thriller, taking place along the West coast, “Legacy of the Tropics,” a re-write and expansion of The Tropics, set in the Caribbean and Hawaii Islands.”The Howling Cliffs, A Sara Mason Mystery Book Two,” set in the Vietnam jungle and on Kauai in Hawaii. “Off Center in the Attic – Over the Top Stories,” a collection of short stories and flash fiction pieces. “Write It Right – Tips for Authors – The Big Book” is a reference volume of writing tips for authors from fledgling to published and beyond. Another nonfiction is “Hypno-Scripts: Life-Changing Techniques Using Self-Hypnosis and Meditation.”

“River Bones – Sara Mason Mystery Book One” was a Finalist in the 2011 National Indie Excellence Books Awards and received an Honorable Mention in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards. “Write it Right – Tips for Authors – The Big Book” was a Finalist in the 2015 National Indie Excellence Awards. “The Howling Cliffs – Sara Mason Mystery Book Two” won a Bronze in the 2015 Global Ebook Awards. “Hypno-Scripts: Life-Changing Techniques Using Self-Hypnosis and Meditation” was a 2016 Finalist in both the National Indie Excellence Book Awards and the International Book Awards. It won a Silver in the 2016 Global eBook Awards. “Down to the Needle” won a Bronze in the 2017 Global eBook Awards. 

Her short story, “The Last This I Do” was nominated for the coveted Pushcart Prize. Her first feature screenplay, “Sea Storm,” was a Semi-Finalist in a Moondance International Film Festival Competition.

Her Web site,, is a valuable resource for writers. It offers writing tips with examples, covering topics to aid authors to smooth out their own prose. She accepts articles and short stories from published authors.

Mary Deal, a native of Walnut Grove in California’s Sacramento River Delta, has lived in the Caribbean, England, the Hawaiian Islands, and now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is also an artist (painter) and photographer maintaining two online galleries.

Please won’t you join me and check out this great event on her website:

The final and last book of Rosewood Series

Some of you have read my series about Kane and Candra and may have noticed that I left an opened ending. So, due out this summer, I plan to have finished the final book of my Rosewood series. It’s been a long process and one that I hope you will really enjoy.

Kane shows his true colors this time. Charming as ever, but ruthless, and cunning.  I’ve had a few set backs, as I said, it’s been a long process. I have re-written the manuscript about 5 times now, but I think I have finally have hit on something.

The title of said book is Eternal and I think you’ll really like the cover. It’s one of my best yet that I have created. So, keep a look out for it on Amazon. I’ll keep you posted to it’s due date.