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Jennifer Shepard

Oct 20, 2020Jennifer Shepard: it was amazing. This is the first book I read from this author and let me tell you that I loved it! Such a good book with great characters that keeps you obsessed with every page since the first one. The ending of this book.. come on! I just didn´t expect it! Can´t wait for read other book from this great writer! Amazing job! definitely a must read!. 5/5 A fantastic story that has it all!


“Dinna be different. Dinna standout.”


Journeying to the Highlands, they follow an omen through a path of dark visions and danger. Soon, Elspeth will need to prove her worth in battles both internal and external.

But in a world dictated by fear, can she win the biggest conflict she has ever faced, and take back what she thought was lost forever?



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Kane Book #3…$0.99 on Amazon!

Kane is only $0.99

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Kane had everything going for him. A well paid job, friends, a home, a beautiful girlfriend. Little did he know that life as he knew it would be taken away from him.With every passing year, Kane’s thirst for revenge doesn’t loosen its grip on him. Living off the blood of others, he tries to cope being what others only fantasize of in stories. But his life isn’t just a story – it’s real.

Literary Fest, Ottawa, Illinois

It’s that time again! Come to Ottawa, Illinois for the Literary Fest. Prairie Fox Book store will be hosting this great event and authors from all around Illinois will be there to sign your books…including me!

Come out and have fun! At 10am there will be a sidewalk sale down the main street and fun things for every family member!

The Legacy, book #2…$0.99!

The Legacy is now $0.99 till September 20th!

Candra’s life has been changed by the one person she always felt safe with. Now, learning of who she truly is, she must face a life of danger from her very family.Determined to end those who wish her dead, she sets out in search of them only to meet up with the immortal, Lazar, a powerful demon with his own agenda.

Birthright, Book#1…FREE!

Get your FREE copy of Birthright, book #1 of my Rosewood trilogy. An excerpt from my 5 Star review:

“The emotions of her characters and the neck biting scenes are so sensual they could make a reader wish to be bitten! Birthright is full of those quirky surprises I have come to associate with Mydliak’s writing. Now I notice she has quite a few more stories and all are picked up by a publisher. There is great reading ahead!”

And another excerpt from yet another 5 Star review:

“No spoilers from me, you really must read this story for yourself, but I will just say that I am looking forward to reading more about the adventures of Candra and Kane. Definitely a five star read.”

5 Star Review on Birthright!

Brian PorterSep 06, 2020Brian Porter rated it it was amazing
A new vampire town, excellent read.

When Candra Rosewood returns from Europe following the untimely death of her parents she soon discovers that their accidental deaths may not have been accidental after all. A stranger is watching her who is revealed to be a friend of her parents who, he insists was tasked by her parents to watch over her.
Did her parents see their deaths coming? Is Kane really who he says he is? And who is the creepy neighbour in the nearby house?
The author sets the scene perfectly for a story of a family of vampires stretching far back in time, as Candra finds herself fighting for her very existence aided by the mysterious Kane. Can she survive against those who seek to take her into the cold, dark world of the undead? No spoilers from me, you really must read this story for yourself, but I will just say that I am looking forward to reading more about the adventures of Candra and Kane. Definitely a five star read.