A tale is told to the meek and old, a tale as old as the sea.   So, listen carefully to my tale I’ll tell as gruesome as it can be.

One dark and gloomy night,

Upon this fearful sight

A clown whose laughter filled the air

Whose cunning eyes they did stare.

His painted face so white

His gleaming teeth my plight

Whose hunger sought to clean me out

To drink my blood without a doubt.

I trembled there in my chair

And wished for him to spare

My life so dear so near and yet

His motives were a threat.

So up I jumped just then

To safely say “Amen”

But alas not fast he had me tight

His smile did show delight.

But I faster yet did think

And smiled at the thought and winked

That his dear demise would be a surprise

And so I did stabbed him

Straight in the eyes.