We, as authors, all what that moment in glory, where our book gets published and rave reviews are coming in left and right, but it is a long and tedious road.  Even though I look back at my first time writing my novel and all the edits, changes I had to do, I wouldn’t mind doing it all over again.  In fact, I am!  I am writing the sequel to my first novel, Birthright and even though it has received great reviews, I know that it is not written as well as I know it should be and I cringe remembering just exactly where they are to be found.

So now that I am writing its sequel, I am taking my sweet time at it.  Researching like mad, making sure the storyline makes sense and that it jives with the first book.  Lord have mercy if something in the sequel does not ring a bit of truth from it predisessor.  

The turmoil as I have entitled this post is that, I’m not all “fired up” and wanting to write.  I sometimes wondering if I’m getting tired of it, which I know I’m not, but still, I just can’t seem to get my butt in my computer room and type!  I did however, do some changes in the story last night, so I felt good about it, but then as soon as that was done I left the room and did some art.

I believe this to be what is known as a “slump” and it happens to us all.  Hopefully it won’t last long, but maybe if I give a small spoiler to the sequel it’ll get my muse to come back from vacation!

The Legacy is the sequel to Birthright.  In it Candra has two situations that need diffusing right away or all will be lost, especially her and Kanes life.  They leave the comfy confines of Utica where she grew up and loved to go to his home in Riverside, IL.   Bigger than Utica, Candra will find that living there has brought some ancient family heritage to life and she learns once more what her true life really consists of and why.

Ah…I feel the awakening of my muse!  Has it finally come back to help me write?  We shall see!