Doing a book signing is such a joy.  You get to meet so many fascinating people who are genuine, kind and thrilled to pieces at getting a book signed by you.  It’s quite the rush!  I am and always will be a “people” person.  Meeting new people, talking with them, answering their questions is so enjoyable and not as scary as I thought it would be. 

Growing up, I was always shy, reserved and not the conversationalist.  It wasn’t until I took acting classes in High School, that I came out of my shell and was given the name, “The Mighty Munchkin” (I’m very short).  Senior year I was given the lead role of the “little girl” in the musical “George M”.   I gave it my all and had fun.

I’ve met many well-known authors, Suzanne Collins who wrote Hunger Games, Chris Bradford his book Young Samurai, Sarwat Chadda – Devil’s Kiss, Cornelia Funke – Inkdeath which was a first edition and I had her sign it.  My two favorite book which I treasure are Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer and The Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice.  In seeing these authors present themselves and talk about their books and what it all involved I thought, “I want to do that.”  I was also scared to death at the idea because I tend to get tonue tied.

I did a book signing in Utica, which is where my book takes place, at Duffy’s Tavern and even though I only had seven people show up (bad snow storm), I never felt more at ease with them.  It was like talking with family.  I’d talk to one group for I guess was about twenty or thirty minutes then off to another group and we not only talked of the book, but I asked them questions, and I also learned more history about their town, which was great!  Later that evening, I read a paragraph from the sequel to my novel, Birthright and this got them even more thrilled for they all loved the first book and couldn’t wait for the next one!

So, for those who are starting out with their first novel, do not let the thought of book signings scare you, because frankly, it’s a piece of cake and people who are there to see you, to meet you and are thrilled.  

If Birthright doesn’t make it big, which I don’t  believe it ever will, I have the satisfaction that I, an unknown person, wrote a book and got it published.  To me that is an achievement unto itself and if my parents were here today, would be very proud at what I have accomplished.