I never knew how difficult it was going to be, writing my sequel, but it’s hard! The only thing I can come up with is that with the first book you come up with characters, a plot and go at it, but when I was writing my first book, my muse would come up with new twists and turns. I really didn’t have to plot this out or construct it down on paper before typing. I just went with the flow! Now though, I’ve changed the first chapter three times because I’d come to a wall in the story-line and wonder ok, why is this really happening and where is this going. In the meantime, I have fans who keep asking me when is the sequel coming out and that adds more frustration to what I’ve got already.
It wasn’t until this morning that I had heard back from my publisher, who has been dealing with severe family issues and almost folded her publishing company. The thought of finding yet another publisher for my first novel was not settling well and just added to the frustrations I was already dealing with.
Anyway, she asked if this was a series a long continuation of my story, to which I said yes and then I typed down what the synopsis was and that it was…my brick wall had just crumpled and I knew what to write. Something so simple as to getting it all down on paper, well, monitor screen, helped me out of my stupor.
Writing is fun and it is an adventure, but it’s not all that easy either. So if you are a writer and come against your brick wall, try getting it all down on a blank screen, your thoughts, ideas and see if it doesn’t help you.
Happy writing!