Tortured Minds is my latest book.  It holds thirteen of my best horror short stories that I’ve written all with mind blowing endings that’ll surprise you.

When I write my short stories, I try to make them as interesting as possible, keeping in mind the audience and how tricking them into believing one thing then “bam” surprise them at the end, well, its what makes my stories memorable.

Horror is just one genre I write and it is my favorite.  I don’t go in for the true gore, but just a subtle hint, letting the reader imagine how gory they want to visualize it, that’s what I like to do.   It’s true that I could get descriptive and write out all the visuals and tone, but then it would be my vision and not theirs.   So, giving them, the reader, a hint of what I want them to see, and then letting them continue on their own makes for a more exciting story.

You can purchase Tortured Minds on Amazon and if you wish for an autographed copy for your Kindle, you can go to Kindlegraph and request one from me!