Author Fest was all that I had imagined it to be.  I got there at 10 a.m., which gave me an hour to set up and to get myself a coffee at their coffee shop before the event was to start.  I had requested a table near an outlet because I had brought my book trailer with me.  Come to find out I had a nice round table, smack next to an outlet, could things get any better?

As you can see from the picture I had set my table up as professional and eye catching as can be and sat down to watch all the other 39 authors come in and set up their tables.  It was interesting as to how each one did just that.  From very simple, plain to where no table cloth was used, to outlandish setting and even having a live character from their novel!  Got me to thinking of maybe having my son portray Kane seeing how I used his eyes on the cover!

The event was from 11-3:00 p.m. and we were all given a lanyard with our name on it picturing a quill and ink bottle next to it, a bag of goodies such as, a thumb drive, pen, book key chain  magnet of  library times, a Hershey Bar and a lunch ticket (I got two).  They had asked us that if we were hungry to come get one of them to sit at your table while you ate.  They fixed us turkey or chicken salad sandwiches, chips, homemade cookies and pop, lemonade or tea to drink.

We were all in the library, all set around its perimeter, while gold, brown, and white balloons adorned our chairs.  It was a sight to behold!

We had scads of people come and oh the conversations we had with them!  I so enjoy these events and talking to the many diverse people.  They are so endearing, genuine with a complete love of reading.  I found that most still like having a book that you can turn the pages as to a Kindle or Nook.  I can’t blame them, I love  to hold a book, the smell of it…it’s something I don’t think many can forget or want too.

The whole experience was so well run, smooth sailing tentative helpers who constantly asked us if we needed anything, water, lunch or if we were doing ok.  I love it!  I hope and want to do this again next year, not that I sold a lot of books, I didn’t, only two, but the networking and the love of talking to other authors was such an experience for me.  You learn from one another, share ideas, tips and how they came about writing their novel.  It was so interesting!

Joliet Public Library, staff and who could forget Nancy Martinez.  A wonderful woman who started this event and who works very hard with such events and programs that are offered at the library.  My hats off to you all, it was awesome!

I’d also like to thank them for extending their invitation to me, thank you so very much.  I hope you will invite me again.