I have to say that the world is full of diverse people, all of whom make life interesting.  I learned a lot today at this event I went to.  I didn’t get to discuss or read a passage of my book Birthright like I thought we were going to do, but instead we had a discussion about ghosts hauntings in a building that one of the audience member had recently bought and how to get rid of them and what he has tried to do unsuccessfully.  From 11:00am to 1:00pm this is what we discussed.  Then it went into possession and exorcism…that’s where I draw a line, because I didn’t even like being in the same room when the Exorcist came out, nor did I like the music.   It scared the living daylights out of me!  So to sit in a room and discuss it was even more challenging for me.  I started to have a small, unnoticeable panic attack.

I had started a discussion on real life vampires, and discussed about Elizabeth Bathory, but it ended at that and the discussion of the ghosts problem with this gentleman continued until the end of the event.

I wished that the host of this event would have had a better hold on the conversations so that others like myself and another young author could feel part of this discussion group.

Oh well, it was an experience I shan’t forget!  Onward!