Sitting here at my computer, sun shining brightly through my window, its glare blinding me…curtains now shut.  I have whats left of my coffee next to me and I pondered.   I’ve started writing several years ago, around the time Harry Potter came out and I reminisce of the days that have gone by and wonder has it been worth it?

In some respects it has.  I’ve accomplished a dream, though it has not made itself into a movie, nor do I see it ever becoming so, I still have accomplished what others only dream about.  Oh, I may not be the next Charlaine Harris, or Stephanie Meyer, even JK Rowling, but  I am a writer, author in fact, and my parents, if they were alive today, would be proud of me.

I have though, found what crooked, devious ways some authors have gotten to the top and I’m not proud of the way they have achieved their successes.  Writing should be done simply by wanting nothing more, but the sheer enjoyment of it.  I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t say that I would love to make a living out of it, but if I look at it realistically, I have to say I never will, but I will not stoop so low as to pay for reviews, or write my own reviews on my own novels.   I merit my success on the enjoyment my books give others.

I do have a small following, but I’m not going to up the following on spending money to get it either!  To me that doesn’t fit the word success.  If your book doesn’t merit on its own accord it doesn’t mean it’s not successful.  Money is placed to high on our list of what we consider successful and yes, I am saying successful alot, because everyone wishes to be the next famous author and that’s ok, but money doesn’t always make you happy.  Its a good high for a short while and then when things start slumping back down, you have to go out and spend more to keep it there.  It’s an uphill battle, never to be won.

Sure, I could do what others have done, spend money I don’t really have, or if I do, spend it needlessly and for what, that one shining moment where you can say, “Look at me!  I’m a big time author!”

Sylvia Plath, my favorite author, sad and depressing at times was one of those authors who struggled so much with wanting to be successful that in the end it killed her.  Do I want that?  Do you want that as an author?  No.

So, that is why I chose not to be the norm and be the author whose love of writing is simply that, writing from the heart and loving every minute of it.

Dream on fellow writers and writer’s to be.  To me you are all successful, because you are living your dreams.