I had first pondered how we, as authors, could autograph our eBooks and that its a shame that those who choose to buy them would be missing out on the fun of receiving an autographed copy of their eBooks. Now they can! What was once called Kindlegraph, authors could upload their books onto this site and people could request a sign copy of your eBook, but the thing was, they had to have a Kindle, thus for the name.
Now, not everyone has a Kindle, in fact, there are so many different readers out there that its a shame that only a select few could participant in this, but now everyone can.  Kindlegraph is now called, Authorgraph, where everyone who has a reader, any kind, can now get an autograph copy of whatever eBook they buy.   Yay right?  No.   The thing about this site is that you had to have an account to request an autograph, but again, not anymore!  Yet, another change with Authorgraph, they have come up with Authorgraph Live!   All my expectations of this has been fulfilled!

 This feature lets you sign Authorgraphs for readers that you meet in-person at book events.  This is how it works, simply select “Authorgraph Live!” from the drop-down menu under your name (or go to http://www.authorgraph.com/live) and follow the steps to enter your reader’s name and email address. After that, the signing process is the same as a regular Authorgraph. Note that Authorgraph Live! works especially well when using a touchscreen device (e.g. iPad).

They are also adding a feature that would allow you to use Authorgraph Live! to write to your current mailing list. You’d be able to import a list of readers and send them Authorgraphs for your newest books.

This to me is the greatest thing since eBooks have come out!  So, if you are an author go and get y our account set up, you won’t regret it!