I didn’t come up with the title to this post, I’m taking it from the Language Arts teacher at Shepard Middle School where I and four other authors will be giving a lecture on writing.

Its Tuesday, April 23 in Ottawa, Illinois and I am to talk about how to become published.  There are going to be five stations  at half hour intervals, where I and the others, will give our talks.  Had I been asked to do this many years ago, I’d say, “No.”  I was terrified of getting up in front of others and talking, but ever since becoming an author, I actually love talking to everyone!  It’s funny and I’m such a chatterbox too! Go figure!

So, this weekend I’ll be putting together what I’ll be saying to these kids all about how one goes about being published.  I have to go back and remember that when I started out in this business, I had no idea how to go about being published.  Not one clue.  Didn’t know who I should be talking too or where I even begin and yet, I’ve met so many big authors in my time and I still didn’t know how they got to be where they were today!

I’ve met Suzanne Collins who wrote the well-known book, Hunger Games, just to brag a bit here, her two books were ranked #1 and #2 on the Top Ten Best Sellers list and I came in as #3 with my book, Birthright.  To continue, I’ve met Cornelia Funke who wrote Inkheart.  She was there with her first edition of Inkdeath, to which I got her to autograph my copy!  I’ve met Stephanie Meyer and she autographed my Eclipse book and Sarwat Chadda, Devil’s Kiss.  Very, very interesting and funny man.  Another author I met and got my picture taken with was Chris Bradford.  His book, The Young Samurai; The way of the Warrior, was also an extremely interesting author and very funny as well.  The one author I have not met, but have the hard copy of  Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice, with her autograph.  It was a gift to me from a dear friend.

I think I got sidetracked, but as you can see, I’ve met very many successful authors.  The only way I finally got to be where I am today is by searching and searching and…more searching.  You meet people in this business that are a great help and you also meet people who are out to get you and in this business you really need to do your research, not only on what you’re writing.  It’s a shame.

So, this is becoming a novel in itself, I just hope that I can teach these young kids what its like to get published and what it takes.  Its simply not just sitting down and writing out a story, its a process that never ends and hopefully one that is filled with joy.

Live and write your dreams!