Writing and being a writer has its perks.  Some not so nice and some great!  Right now, it’s not so great.  Self doubt seems to be running rampant right now and with it comes stress.  So, I’m not liking the writing part.  Now I can truly understand how Sylvia Plath felt, although, I won’t go so far as to kill myself, but I do understand the frustrations.

I don’t expect to become rich in this field that I have entered into, right now, my riches are those that like my book and are actually calling me to ask when the next one will be out.  That in itself makes me happy.

When you decide to publish your works, you become self absorbed in it, almost to the point where your household takes second place on  your list of “To Do’s” and that’s where the war begins.  You want to get your stuff out there, but you have another life and that doesn’t involve writing, but its there and it too needs attention.  So, who comes first?  Most would say your household because who could live in a place that has been neglected, while die-hard writers would say the opposite.   For sanity sake I am going with the first choice, my home, because it is that, that keeps me sane.

So, sorry all of you who are waiting for the next book of my series to come, it’ll be on the back burner, but not for very long. I will get it out.