BookCoverImageYes, I finally did a children’s book called, Line’s Big Discovery, and illustrated it as well.  It wasn’t hard or tedious, in fact, I like doing children’s books because I don’t have to do much formatting of the text!

It’s for kids Kindergarten through 2nd Grade and it teaches kids to like who they are, to not change a single thing about them, because that’s what makes them so special!

I have another book in the wings, waiting for me to start illustrating that as well and it is about three kittens.  It’s quite cute and I wrote it will sitting in my back yard sunning myself!  “I love my summer time!”

Here is the code: WCSZU7GC

Link to purchase:

My author name there is: Susie B

A little story about the name and why it’s different from this one.  I was always called ‘Susie’ by my family and friends, don’t like it now, but that’s what I was called.  ‘B’ comes from my son, BJ or Bruce Jonathan, because when his younger brother Jon, was growing up he couldn’t say his name or his sisters name or even say Da Da.  So, he called BJ, B.  He couldn’t say his sisters name, Danaka or Sissy, so he called her ‘C’ and Daddy was ‘D’.  I, on the other hand was called, ‘Ma Ma’…!  My heart still sings to this very day that I was the only name he could pronounce.

Anyway, come check out my latest book and let me know your thoughts by leaving a review!