Well, I did it again.  I went to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to spend some time at the beach and saw a book store there.  So, as a author needing to get her books out to the masses, I always bring my books and novel postcards and business cards with me.

It was a cute store, small, so I walked up to the owner asking if he supports local authors and he said ‘yes’.  So, I told him about my books, Birthright and Line’s Big Discovery and he now has them on consignment in his store.  I’m also going to do a book signing there as well!

I love this!  My books are in three bookstores, one in Ottawa, Illinois, Galena, Illinois and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and I have 2 book signings in August and another one whenever we set up a date at this new store.

It pays to bring your stuff with you no matter where you go!

Bad thing about this trip though is that I got over-heated and couldn’t make it back to the car.  My face was beat red and extremely tired.  I sat under a shady tree, pouring water over my head while hubby went and got the car 3 blocks away. I survived obviously.