Book reviews can be informative, praising, a welcome and then sometimes you wished they would crawl into a hole and die, but with all that being said, they are who we write for and you have to take what they say with a grain of salt.

My eBook, Birthright, even though I have a fan base and pretty much all that have read my book can’t wait for the next to come out, but there are a few in which I didn’t get such rave reviews and that’s ok, we can’t be perfect, we can’t please everyone!

But, I have to say, that she hit a note with me and I praise her for all she had said, in fact, I welcomed it, because it was helpful and it made me a better writer and when my sequel comes out I plan on sending her a copy as my way of saying, “Thank you.” Because she did open my eyes to some things and I have become a better writer since then.

I don’t know how many authors do that, but I’m not your typical author.  I’m not one to sit by idyll and not connect with those who went out of their way to first, buy my book and secondly, review it.  I wish those who bought my book would give me a review, it’s how I know what needs improving on or if they just liked it!

Know this, I love writing, I love conversing with those who buy my book and can’t wait for the next one.  I’ll never be the next JK Rowling, and that’s ok, because having people like what I write is worth more to me than anything else.

So, the next time I get a review and I thoroughly enjoyed what they had to say, or if it wasn’t all that great, I may reach out to them and at least thank them for buying and reviewing my book.  It can only make me a better author and person.