I’ve been a bad girl.  I’ve been gone from my website here and haven’t kept you all up to date on what has been happening with my sequel (due out this month) and all the many thousands of events that I have gotten myself into, lord…I have gone overboard!

I’ve got four events happening next month all withing days of each other.  Dumb mistake on my part, so I am going to be one busy girl here.  I do, however, want to talk about an event that I had attended yesterday, Glen Ellyn’s Book Fest.  It was amazing!  I attended this event last year and was not impressed with the organization of it and wasn’t about to attend ever again, but as it stands I did sign up and I’m so glad I did too!

The first part of this event was called the ‘Pitch Fest’ where all of us authors pitched our novels and had only a minute to do it in.  I did some research into this and read what/what not to do…I rocked it!  As I sat down to listen to the others pitch their novels, there was this one author, whose book struck such a cord with me that I connected with her in more ways than one and had to talk to her.  So, after the pitch fest was done I went over to her and said, “My childhood was exactly how yours was!” You see, her book, Ripples of Connection, was about remembering her childhood  and those in it that make it so memorable.

My childhood was the best, if I could, I’d want to go back and re-live it all over again.  I lived in a time where playing outside was the video game of our time ( I know I said ‘time’ twice, bad me).  Our imaginations were put to the test constantly, not only in the games (not box games) we played but how we used the outdoors to help create those imaginations.  Not like todays kids, where the only thing they do is video games, video games and more video games.  They’re never outside playing B-ball or riding bikes or just out capturing what sun they can.  It’s very sad.

Mary Kanak is the author of Ripples of Connection and during the part where we authors sat at our perspective tables with our books, I went to visit her table, upstairs during a lull.  I had no idea how much we had in common.  Both are parents had died and not only with their passing, we both had childhoods that were the same.  We did the same things and loved the same things and we connected spiritually.

Oh, we cried when we spoke of our fathers.  True ‘blubber boxes’ we were, but we weren’t ashamed of our vulnerability.  Mary told me that this woman (can’t remember the lady’s name, sorry Mary) told her that the reason for such heartache is that we were loved and we loved to such extreme that even when years have passed of their deaths, we still grieve and it’s ok.  “Miss you Daddy and Mom.”

We are keeping in touch and are true kindred spirits.  That even far apart, we are together spiritually.

Another, great thing about Book Fest is that I met yet another woman, Patricia.  Don’t know her last name, but we too connected, that both our children’s books were about a ‘line’.  She now wants me to illustrate her next children’s book.  I am thrilled to pieces.  I am so honored to be a partner with this lady.

So, even though I did not sell a single book, I connected with two awesome ladies that will forever be a part of my life and I thank God for them walking into my life.  God bless.