I know people who loved Birthright, have been asking when is the sequel  going to be out and I have been saying in a few weeks, and I’m so glad that I have fans who really love volume I of my series, which brings me to this… about what it takes to being a writer, but I’ll give my little dissertation on it one more time…

Writing a novel is so much more than getting it down on paper or computer, whatever you prefer.  It takes many rounds of editing to smooth out the glitches and typo’s (if any), and little common grammar errors, not to mention to make sure that the story line is reading smoothly or the ever present issue with using a certain word too many times, bad habit of mine, is not happening.

Then, once the editing is done, you’ve got to copy and paste it into a formatted manuscript template and hope for the best that when you submit it for review that no errors will be found, if so, then you got to fix the errors and re-submit it for review.  Now that’s just the interior part of the book, you’ve got to get your cover to fit the interior portion of your novel.

If you don’t stick within the measurements of the book cover template and don’t go over the ‘bleed line’ you have a good chance that it’ll be fine and you’ll have no errors with it, but that doesn’t always happen and you have to re-adjust the cover, the seam and back cover to make sure all is correct.  It’s a bloody pain to do and I get quite frustrated with it.

Now, this may not be an issue if you are going through a publishing house, they do all the work, but if you are publishing yourself, like me, you do all the work and let me tell you, it’s not easy and writing is not my job, it is my hobby.  I don’t make enough money writing to support myself, so I work seven hours a day, five days a week, then I come home to make dinner and whatever else I need to do that a housewife is required to do to maintain a happy home, then I can write and even then writing doesn’t always happen.

I’ve been in loads of art and craft shows selling my book and my photography, so that has taken up much of my writing time.  It has been quite successful and in fact, at the Burgoo Fest in Utica, Illinois, I sold all my books, thirty five to be exact, so It’s been profitable and one that I’m glad I participated in.

So, you see, it’s not just sitting down and cranking out a novel, there’s so much more to do that people who don’t write, really don’t see, so please, don’t become frustrated that when the sequel or any other book you’ve been waiting for by the author isn’t out when you would like it to be.  We’re doing our best to please all our fans and sometimes, things other than writing get in the way.

Thanks for purchasing my book and Legacy will be done tonight for those of you who have been waiting.