It is out, actually has been out for some time now!  From what other readers have been saying it’s keeps you on the edge of your seat!

I will say it is much longer than Birthright and alot more darker, bloodier and involves a few new immortals that are very powerful.  Candra has her hands full and this time Kane is never around when she needs him most, which is good for her, because learning more and more about herself she has been testing herself to see just how powerful she truly is.

I wanted her to shine in Volume II, without Kane.  Candra truly is what her father made her out to be (won’t give out any spoilers here), and even though she finds out everything, she sometimes finds things out on her own.  Usually those times of finding out are not in the most opportune time either, but it makes the story that much more thrilling.

Writing has been such fun for me, well, let me rephrase that, has been interesting.  It has had its ups and downs, times of pure frustration, but the best part is meeting those who truly loved the first book Birthright and meeting those of you who have never read my books.  The world is an awesome place and so, I’d like to make it more so.

Every year at JFK Middle School where I am a Special Ed. Teachers Assistant, we do what is called a Mathathon and every year, I bring in all the change I have been saving all my change from purchases that have concurred over the year and given it to St. Judes Research Hospital.  This year was my biggest gift, $90.00 all in coins, but I want to up it even better.  Every book of mine, Birthright and Legacy that gets sold, I will donate half of my royalities to St. Judes.  I want to reach out to all those little angels whose lives have been touched by cancer and I want to make it a brighter and bigger world for them…one filled with hope.  Won’t you help me? I’d like to reach my goal of a million people reached and hopefully, books sold (I dream big), till Spring Break, which is in March.  WE CAN DO IT!  I know I’ll never reach a million people, but if I can reach some, it would be better than nothing.  Please, search your heart and help me help them.

Please share this article with family, friends, anyone! Get the word out, because they deserve a chance at life.  Let’s reach the millions shall we?  Click on the tab that says, “Author Books” and click on the book you would like to purchase…that’s it!  Simple isn’t it and I will donate half my royalities to St. Judes.

So, lets bring on the smiles, spread the word and lets give these children a fighting chance…what do you say?