You heard it! In order to get my books out to the masses and my Easter gift to you all, I am having the first two books of my Birthright series FREE!  This offer starts Monday, 4/21 and will run until Friday, 4/25!

From my fans who have read both, they said it is very hard to put down once you have started to read them, and trust me when I say, I leave cliff hangers at the end of all the chapters.

In Birthright and in The Legacy, they both have the first chapter to the next book.  In The Legacy, chapter 1 of the last and final book, Kane, is at the end.  Kane will surprise the heck out of you all, for it is something I hadn’t planned on doing, but decided that it will leave you…unhinged.

So, if you haven’t read my first two books, get them now while they are free.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed.