This is an awesome event, and also my second time participating in it as well.  The first time I had registered to be a vendor was last year. My husband was selling his wooden scroll saw bowls and I my books and photography. I wasn’t sure if I’d sell anything…I usually go into these things optimistically, because I have found when I think I’ll do well, I don’t.

Anyway, my novel, Birthright takes place in Utica and my first book signing was at Duffy’s Tavern, so I was hoping I’d sell some books. Well, let me tell you, even before we were finished setting up, I had people wanting to buy my book!

Now, this event was to go on until 5pm, I sold out at 2pm! I had brought 35 books, and I had 2 books that had the old cover design on them, which I wasn’t planning on selling, but had to, because people were still coming to buy! It was uncanny, blew my mind away! I was so excited. I even had a lady walk past our tent shouting that she had read the book and said it was great!

This time out I had brought a boat load of books, still thinking I might sell some, but not all, and I was right. I did sell another 35 books, but this time, I had the sequel and fans who bought the first book came looking for me and bought the second, raving how good the first one was and asking if the there will be a third one.

There is a third one, Kane, and I have to tell you, it has proven to be quite difficult! You’d think writing the first one harder than the last, but it was actually my easiest, and the second even easier! But with this last one the difficulty is that the story is being told through Kane’s eyes. I have to think like a guy, so maybe that’s the reason…nah! My muse, the little voice inside me that helps me write my stories, is either on an extended vacation or is tired of working, I don’t know, but I’m getting desperate.

I have to say, I’ll be coming  back to Burgoo Fest next year, and I will have the third book with me. A huge thank you to those of you who bought my books and loved them. I don’t expect a movie to come out of this, nor do I expect to be rich, but the only thing I do want out of this is the fact that I can make someone enjoy what they read. To me, that is my reward.

So, again, thank you and I hope that my second book, The Legacy, proves to be even more thrilling than the first. If it was, leave me a comment or send me word! I’d love to hear what you think! Truly!

See you all next year!