Typically, from what I know of writer’s, is that they have a special place to write. It is somewhere quiet, sometimes secluded and the world around them can be blowing up, but you are so tuned into what your story is becoming, you don’t even notice. Not me.

I don’t have time to sit at home and write. Yes, I do have a room, but as of late, I have become over burdened with Art & Craft shows. My husband is a skilled scroll saw craftsman, and makes wooden bowls, and I sell my novels. So, we had a show last weekend, this past weekend, we have one this weekend and the following next two weekends. I also have to illustrate a children’s book and finish writing my third and final book. All this, and my husband fell down the stairs and has internal bruising, and now fluid in his lungs.

So, to try to get my book written, I take my Nook, which I downloaded a writing software. So, I take it to work, and when the classroom, I am a Special Ed. Paraprofessional, start reading for their 40 book reading goal, I type. At lunch time, I type. Anytime I have a free moment to type, that’s what I do. So, I’m already on chapter 4, and I have to say, it’s coming along nicely! Who’d of thought huh?

I’ve tried writing it the traditional way, in front of my computer, music on and door shut, but it has failed me 4 times already. I was ready to quit altogether and not write it, but so many of my fans who loved the first two books, are looking forward to the third, so I can’t let them down.

So, for all you newbie writer’s, write where you can, because I’ve found that the best place for me to write, for now is…at work.

Happy writing!