I wanted my novel series to be something different than the usual vampire books that are out today. After reading a zillion of them, they all seemed to follow the same theme…girl meets vampire, falls in love, problem starts up between them, happy ending.  I got bored. I tried to read Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned, but I couldn’t get past the first page.  I find her writing to that of Jane Erye, something that has to be read slowly. Although, I do possess a hard copy of The Interview with a Vampire, to which she signed, I haven’t read that one either, though I have seen the movie…it was ok. Didn’t like the ending.

Anyway, my book does have the male vampire/female human attraction, but its more on the lines that he is profoundly attracted to her, in that, her energy is what giving him the impulses of attraction. She, on the other hand, finds him annoyingly odd, maybe somewhat attracted but doesn’t know why, but mostly…he’s a pain in the ass.

Both my main characters are strong willed, both knocking heads, as it were, yet…the connection between intensifies with each meeting.

No, my vampire doesn’t shimmer in the sunlight, mine is pure vampire, scary at times, other times, wickedly seductive, and he usually gets what he wants, even if she is telling him to go take a hike…which hiking does come into play in my story.

I’ve done research, loads, and decided to use the human servant route in my story. It’s intriguing, brings mystery, as well as, symbolism into it, which I love immensely, whether it be in writing or in paintings, especially Renaissance as in Van Ike. His painting  Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife is chalk full of symbolism, but I could go on and on about Renaissance paintings, love art history.

Here is what I researched into human servants:

There are those humans who have taken to lives with vampires. These humans become the daytime eyes, ears, hands and voices of the master vampire that they serve. To become a human servant four marks must be given to a human by a master vampire. Master vampires are the only ones who have this ability and they can only have one human bound to them at a time. As a result of becoming a human servant, humans gain more power, strength and have a longer life. Human servants are harder to hurt and they heal easier than they previously did. Becoming a servant allows the human to be immune to the voice, mind and glance of the vampire that marked them.
How the marks are given and the result from each mark is explained below. Marking a human is usually a voluntary process but they can be given completely against the human’s will. Until a master vampire gives a human all four marks, any other master vampire may mark the same human.

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