Summer . . . the dog days are here. Unpretentiously I sit, while people in their colorful suits of oranges, reds, yellows, and blues splash by, laughing.

I am by myself, always. Does that bother me? No, and then again, at times, yes.

I too, am in my brightest suit, bathing in the warmth that shines down upon me. I am whole. Right in this very spot I am complete. Nothing can bother me, nothing can take this most perfect day away from me.

As I watch, children scream their delights as water rushes forward, surprising their tiny toes. They run about, so carefree. Ah, to be a child once more. Makes me smile to see such enchantments.

Then, there are those, old in age, but happy for it. Some with their families, while others cling to one another as if they were just wed, still. I want to be that happy.

Lifting my face toward the light, eyes closed, I hear nothing now. Only the beat of my heart. It sings, did you know? Such a charming . . . yes, charming tune it is. A smile begins to form.

Summer is the fountain of youth. It can take away what ills you, turn a frown into a glorious smile, and it makes you feel alive. Youthful.