I know I have been gone for some time from my site, but health issues, plus, a very busy life, has kept me from coming on here and keeping you all up to date.

Yesterday, was Burgoo Fest, in Utica, Illinois. It’s also where my Trilogy takes place. So, I have a huge fan base there who seek me out to get their next copy from…as one refers me to them, ‘their author.’ It was a huge success, bigger than last year, and I’m finding this success satisfying. I know every new author out there wishes their book to become a movie, but I have come to grips with that and know mine will never, but I’m happy just to have a fan base and those loving my writing, but I was confronted with a lady with the question of, “What are my beliefs?”

In this business of book signing, you meet a lot of people, which is the fun part, but then you meet some others that make you wonder. Her question had me baffled. I wasn’t sure if she was meaning belief in Vampires or what? But she soon clarified that the beliefs was in reference to God. Finding it odd that I should be asked such a question, but proudly told her that I believe in God and his son Jesus Christ, but what did this have to do with my books? She wondered why a Christian would be writing about the Dark stuff, and doesn’t that go against my religion?

It was a valid question, but an easy one to answer. I told her my writings have nothing to do with my beliefs. I will always be Christian, I was a Religious Education teacher for eight years, and I am still a Eucharistic Minister to this day. I also told her that what I write is just a hobby.

She seemed receptive to my answer and told me of a friend of hers, that is writing books, but goes through eBay, and wanted to know how to help her go a different route publishing her books. I told her about Createspace, and how it works, and that I have had a successful time with them.

After the event at Burgoo was over, I did some thinking, and that what I write about, Vampires, isn’t against religion. It isn’t Satan, it’s a fictional character. I’m not ‘following’ it, I’m not honoring it, nor am I bowing down to it, I’m just writing stories about it. Now, if I were writing about Satan, which is real, and believing in him and his works, then this woman would be right.

Vampires are fictional, they are a soulless human. Human at one time in their life, made in the likeness of Christ, but made different by a Vampire.

To end this post, I’d just like to say, that what you write, especially if its about paranormal, or other ‘Dark’ creatures, is that you write because it’s your passion. It is your way to give back to those of us who love to read, a place to go to, when the world outside is so difficult and uncaring at times. Write to your hearts content! Write, and live your dreams through your words, and let others enjoy it as well. For it is in our writings, we create a world that is full of wonderful adventures, glorious lands, filled with many creatures, beautiful and ugly.

“Write your dreams.”