I, as usual, have been in ill-health and have not had the time to be posting interesting posts on here, but today, I am somewhat better so here it goes.

I am in the process of writing a special anniversary book, dedicated to Birthright. It’ll be Birthright, but more adult and extremely dark.

Now I know, that when Stephanie Meyer did her novel, marking the anniversary of Twilight, she wrote Twilight all over again, same words and everything, but the only difference was the characters were flipped. Bella was a guy, and Edward a girl and so on, and so forth. I’m sorry to say it wasn’t good, in fact, boring.

I will not be doing that with my novel, marking Birthrights five year anniversary. It’ll show Kane in his true form, pure vampire like the kind you see in Underworld, know of that movie? It’s great if you haven’t seen it.

So, to my fans, I hope you will like this version. If so, please, please, PLEASE, review! In fact, if you have read my whole trilogy, give me a review on here! Just go to the tab marked “Reviews” and leave your review comment.

Also, I”m not sure what to title this special novel, so I’m asking, give me your thoughts. The title that I pick, that person will receive a free copy of it!  So, start sending  in your thoughts for a title!