You who stand for all that is good

Delivering your messages of right and wrong

Hath given me an injustice.

You donned your mask, your falsehood so well

That even I was played the fool, and  yet

I let  you trick me again, and again.

I am such an idiot, for believing your sordid excuses

and feeling maybe, just maybe

I may make a difference in a sea of learners

despite you.


I wrote this after I had gotten home from a most difficult day at work.

It wasn’t so much that the students who I have come to know and have

put my faith in were giving me a rough time. No. For they were angels.

I had given my resignation. I will  not be returning, and it is sad. For I have worked

there for eight long years, with many successes. I’ve seen students whose dreams

were nothing more than just that…dreams, but have now come to life and it is a

glorious feeling. I am proud to have been a part of that success.