Fifty and Counting

I am a proud member of the Write On Joliet writers group. (By the way, everyone who fancies him or herself a creative type should belong to a group like this for many reasons, but mostly for the commiseration between those likewise tortured…)

Each month, we challenge ourselves to write about a special theme, to try a new writing style, etc.

Appropriately for Valentines, the February assignment was to write something about “true love”. Here is mine.

True Love

Where to find true love

in a world that crowns

its hatred King?

Certainly not in

the links of bondage

keeping us chained

 to our shared


Not in the hissing

blue death clouds snaking

through the lungs of

six million

and more.

Or the furious

treads of war, grinding


in the mud

of Time.

Not in the mother’s

stinging tears shed for

a child lost to

the gangster’s


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