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Candra Rosewood seeks to avenge her parent’s death, but in the end becomes someone she only read about in fictional stories. In Birthright, Candra has fallen for her parent’s killer, or so it would seem, Kane Smithe, a vampire whose psyche has caught the lovely Miss Rosewood and chooses her for his own human servant. With four markings before she becomes truly his, her life will never be the same again.






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Candra’s life has been altered by the one person she always felt safe with . . . her father. Now learning of who she truly is, she must face a life of danger from her family, the Rosewoods, Bound and determined to end the lives of those who wish her dead, she sets out in search of them only to meet up with yet another immortal, Lazar. A very powerful Daemon who, like her family’s coven, wants her dead, but does he really?





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Kane, it is his version of Birthright. Of how he came to be, and how he met up with Candra, his soul mate.








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Demons, witches, and vampires…they exist only in horror stories, but are we sure? Rosewood is the Trilogy of a family, rich in history and lore. It’s about upholding family traditions and dishonoring them when they go too far. In Birthright, a family secret is kept from Candra.







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In this special edition of Birthright, we see Candra in a different light. She’s stronger, sure of herself and very much her father’s daughter. Kane, the virile vampire that connects with Candra right away, has also grown. He has a disdain for moral ethics and finds beautiful women are all he needs to satisfy not only his hunger but his lust as well. Based more on the ideals of what a vampire should be, Kane is the epitome of that and more.