Sue Mydliak has been writing for over ten years. She was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. Her earlier works consisted of fanfiction and poems. Her first poem, Death Stalkers, won her an award from the Daniel Radcliffe website. Many years after that, she tried her hand at writing her first novel.

Her first publication was a flash fiction, The Clearing, which appeared in Mississippi Crow magazine. From there she had another flash fiction, artwork, and a poem.

It wasn’t until she started to read Twilight, did she try her hand at her own vampire novel, Birthright. After being published by Vamplit publishing, it made best sellers list that first week and ranked third out of the best ten novels at the Book Mouse bookstore. Seeing the success from this, she decided to make this into a trilogy.

She has now published 9 books, two of which are children’s. Currently, she is working on  a new genre, a witches tale using a real  witches Grimoire. It will be out next year, hopefully.

To see and purchase her books, click on the link.  Sue Mydliak’s Books



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